Hello, Sophie there. I draw a lot of strange graphics on my broken tablet. My two fingers glove allows me to fully unleash my passion and creativity.





Guten tag everyone, here ist Olivier. I have the pleasure to communicate about our fantastic game and design exceptional videos and spectacular animations! And I have to take out mein old dog every other hour.





Bonjour everybody, my name’s Laetitia. I’m in charge of this website as random as our game. I also take care of vectorial assets. Note that it costs me a lot to write to you in English.






Hi there. The name’s Robin and I do the development of this mess. I pollute the working hours with bad Youtube videos and homemade alcohols. And I work from time to time.






Hi, I’m Brice and nice. I design the levels and compose the sounds and music that you will have the chance to hate. I do bad puns and I hope to find one day my audience.





Hey, Nina’s my name and I am mental. I do ugly graphic assets but I have fun doing it! I really looooOove swearing, and I’m pretty sure that’s why people like me.