Monkey Panic (aka. Monkey Jam) is a concept developed during the Global Game Jam 2018  in Geneva, Switzerland. The game met with a lot of enthusiasm during the presentation phase, and we are currently exploring the possibility of going to market! How do you like the concept? Share your feelings with us!

Forty eight hours. Seven people. Idea, concept art, graphics, audio, mechanics, level design and a lot of laughter.  And of course coffee. Lots of coffee… These are the words that best give out the aura surrounding the event at which this project was born. The main guiding theme for all games was transmission. We wanted this to be a mulitplayer game. We wanted people to collaborate in order to beat the game. We wanted people to laugh and screem as they play!

The result is Monkey Jam: A Mess Of Bodies. It is a four player game in which all players controll mutated monkey chimeras. Each chimera has one of unique superpower comming from one of specific body parts: bat’s wings, lama’s head, ram’s horns or turtle’s shell. Each of them allows overcoming specific types of  obstacles, but are useless against others. Through the game, players can either use their powers or swap them with other players. But they have to act quickly as the evil profesor Frankenmonkeystein is comming for them!

During the first evening we agreed that the goal is to produce a single, fully playable level of the Monkey Jam: A Mess Of Bodies. And we acomplished our goal! Good job team!

See the project at GGJ website.

What next? Let us know if you like it!