The game


Doktor Frankenmonkeystein is an evil doctor. He likes monkeys. He likes monkeys so much that he tried experiments on them. He wanted to create the monkey SUPERIOR, the best monkey in the world. One monkey to rule them all. So he transplanted other animal’s body parts on 4 wild-caught monkeys and tried an obscure experiment with teleportation. But, these monkeys are badass and they escaped after the surgery. Now they must get away from the lab. RUN YOU FOOLS! Avoid obstacles by switching your body parts with each other. Work together and don’t get caught by the EVIL DOKTOR FRANKENMONKEYSTEIN!


This game is based on abilities transmission. Each player incarnates a gorilla with an ability represented by other animal’s body parts. Players can switch with each other body parts to pass the obstacles of their lane, by pressing the button of the color of the wanting body part. Your teammates must press the opposite button to switch. Be careful, no player can be left behind! If too much distance separates each of them, the team will eventually lose … Levels end when the players reach together laboratory’s exit door.

The Game

Create your team of 4 perfect players, equip yourself with smartphone and play our game at this link: the game